Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why Are There So Many Cats on the Internet?

It is a good question. Why are there so many cats on the internet? Seems that when you research most SEO topics, the examples are provided in the form of cats.

Gizmodo has an interesting article stating that cat owners use the internet like dog owners use dog parks. As dogs get walked around the neighborhood and provide a bit of a social anchor to their owners, cats stay at home and do nothing, usually hiding from when company is over and generally being cats at everything they do. So suddenly being able to share a pic of your cat is the only way to share the pet owning experience.

While this simple answer sort of explains why dogs don't rule the internet, it doesn't really answer as to why so many people without cats enjoy staring at their videos and pics.

Some studies speculate that because humans act very self conscious around any camera, because of understanding how it ends up on the internet. On the other hand, cats really have no clue on the internet, so watching their free and unrestricted behavior is a refreshing exploration of emotions that we can't get otherwise.

king cat that wants the internet, ALIVE Users who spent a few minutes watching cat videos seem to be in a better mood than prior and more prone to happiness the hours after.

Cat videos have become so synonymous, that when someone is wasting time on the internet, they can be said to just be "watching cat videos" and everyone knows what that means.

So why do cats rule the internet. Maybe they know and just don't care to tell us.

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